An article on csgo – counters shooting: global explosives

More people are playing CS: GO these days; it is slowly becoming a popular game. There are many things that add to the popularity of the game. CS: GO refers to counter strike: global offensive shooting game. Counter strike was originally released in 1999; it was a modification of Half-Life game. Over the years players have shown commitment and dedication in playing the game, this is also the reason that has kept the game going for past so many decades. The game is played by players as it promises competitive shooter in game.

Players play this game to improve their gaming skills. For the past few years, it has become a very competitive game. Many global players show their strategies in the game. The abilities of the player help them to win international games or national games. Players are the backbone behind the history of the game. They have helped keeping the game alive for so many years by playing it and inviting more people to play the game. CS: GO is not an ideal game for children as the game is a little violent that can scare the children. This is widely played by teenagers and college going students. After its launch in 2012, more than ten million people play this game every month. CS: GO have better shooting features than other shooting games. Friends can play this game, after making groups. It took two years to develop the game. It was developed by Valve and Hidden Path.

The game is played in multi-player mode. Cs go boosting can be played by players in 5on5 mode. There are two teams that play in this game. The first team is of terrorist and the other team is counter-terrorist. Every match has thirty rounds, out of which the winning team h=needs to win at least sixteen rounds. The game is very intriguing an every rounds last for one minute and fifty-five seconds. In the game, players can also use in-game system; in this a player can purchase different weapons that will help him to win the game. Every team has to kill enemies using the weapons or counter -terrorist team defuse the bomb that has been planted by terrorist team.